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Wooded House Gift

28 Dec

I’ve made houses in wood for my youngest niece and nephew. I haven’t met them yet this holiday so if their parents read this – please don’t tell. I got the inspiration from My and Gustaf, who shared table with my friend Ida on this occasion. They had made loads of similar houses to sell as decoration and toys. I really loved the idea and decided to make something alike myself.

Luckily enough I have a person close to me that has a wood workshop that I can use. 

Before paint.

I painted the roofs in bright colors (and black and gold). 

It was hard to stop when I had started, I really like that you can build your own little towns and the houses were fun to make.

Finished! I found the suitable boxes on Lagerhaus.

Ready to give away, I hope they will like them. 

Now I’m gonna bake a cake for my mother, who celebrates her birthday today.



Jag har gjort små hus i trä till mina yngsta syskonbarn. En riktigt god idé stulen av My och Gustaf som var rolig att göra.