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Saffron Caramels

22 Dec

Yesterday I made Saffron Caramels, the recipe I found at Underbara Claras blog.

You need this:

 2 dl cream

2 dl light syrup

0,5 g saffron

2 dl sugar

0,5 teaspoon salt

 1 dl coconut-flakes

Mix cream, syrup, saffron (grinded with some sugar), sugar and salt in a pan and let it boil for about 30 minutes. While you’re boiling the caramel, roast the coconut-flakes in a dry frying pan. When the caramel has a good consistency you blend in the coconut and pour up the mixture in small forms and let it cool down and harden. I’ve never done this caramel before but it was really good – try it!

The ingredients. 
The process. The whole kitchen smelled lovely from the saffron and coconut.
Ready for transport home to my parent’s farm, where I’m gonna celebrate Christmas. The food-container with several “floors” I’ve bought in India. 
Now I’m gonna go downtown and fix the last things before I leave the city for a week (I take the train tomorrow morning), Solveig is asleep in her chair as usual. Talk to you later!
Igår gjorde jag saffranskola, väldigt gott! Nu ska jag gå ner på stan och fixa det sista innan jag lämnar Malmö för en vecka, åker till mina föräldrars gård i morgon bitti för att fira jul.