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12 Dec

Yesterday I made lentilsoup and foccacia-bread for dinner. Thought I should share my foccacia-recipe with you today.

You need this:

50 g fresh yeast

5 dl lukewarm water (the quantity depends on how big your baking tin is)

2 teaspoons salt

1 tablespoon honey

2 tablespoons olive-oil

wheat flour ‘til the dough feels good (apporx. 12 dl – you should be able to slowly pour the dough into the tin)

(+ olive-oil, herbs and saltflakes)

Mix yeast and water. Add salt, honey, olive-oil and flour and let the dough rise for 30 min. Then pour it into a baking tin and spread it out even, the less you touch it the better it gets. Let it rise for another 20 min and then make small holes all over with your finger and pour olive oil over. Spread herbs and saltflakes over it and then bake in a warm oven (250 degrees Celcius) for about 15 min. Voila!

Use which ever herbs you have home or prefer, yesterday I took fresh rosemary and dried Herb’s de Provence. 

Before the heat of the oven. 

I can not believe it’s already the day before Lucia and that the third Sunday of Advent has passed, this December goes by way too fast. 



Igår gjorde jag linssoppa och foccacia till middag, foccacia-receptet finns ovan. Galet att det är Lucia i morgon, i år går december alldeles för snabbt!