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Hyacinths On My Mind

1 Dec

Today I made more Christmas-flowers, this time for my sister though. White hyacinths are truly my December-favorites and I like them with the calm green background of moss and Ivy, Hedera helix. Or wash away the soil from the roots and put them in a glass filled with stones (they will survive with only the help of water).  Being a gardener I also must call for planting the hyacinths outside when you’re finished with the holiday-celebrations. Simply place the hyacinth in a light window when it has bloomed. When the leaves starts to wither you stop giving the bulb water and place it in a dark, dry and warm place. Then plant it in your garden in May or October (if you do not have a garden of your own – this is a perfect plant for guerilla-gardening…).

Brita, how wonderful with the wedding – give Sarah Rose and Michael the biggest of hugs from me!



Idag har jag fixat ännu mer julblommor. Vita hyacinter är verkligen en favorit hos mig – särskilt tillsammans med mossa och murgröna eller enkelt placerad bland stenar i ett glas. Som den trädgårdsmästare jag är måste jag också uppmana till att plantera ut hyacinterna när de tjänat klart som högtidsprydnad.