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9 Dec

Yesterday I was at the school Capellagården on the island Öland, outside the eastern coast of Sweden. Capellagården is the place where Brita and I met for the first time and I was there on an inspiration-day for the garden-students that graduate in a week and talked about what you can do after you’re ready with the education (meaning I talked about what I’ve been up to for the passed five years). Even if it was a short visit, not even 24 hours, it was really nice to be there.

The entrance to the house where Carl Malmsten lived and where the administration sits today. 

I have also worked as a gardener at Capellagården in periods (2008 and 2010) and in this room, the sowing-room, I’ve spent a lot of time. The brown bags are filled with seeds for the next season. 

One of the greenhouses, filled with plants for winter-storage. 

In this green-greyish house called “Mellangården”, Brita and I used to live. 

Another of the student-homes, “Norrgården”, in the afternoon sun. 

The student’s greenhouse by night. 

A Christmas-tree in the dining room, placed on top of the cabinet where the coffee-cups are. 

The textile and wood-workshop at night. 

Windmills up in the village.



Igår var jag på Capellagården på Öland, skolan där jag och Brita träffades, för att föreläsa på en inspirationsdag för trädgårdseleverna. Syftet var att visa vad man kan göra efter examen och det var himla fint att vara där på en kort men naggande god visit.