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12 Dec

Yesterday I made lentilsoup and foccacia-bread for dinner. Thought I should share my foccacia-recipe with you today.

You need this:

50 g fresh yeast

5 dl lukewarm water (the quantity depends on how big your baking tin is)

2 teaspoons salt

1 tablespoon honey

2 tablespoons olive-oil

wheat flour ‘til the dough feels good (apporx. 12 dl – you should be able to slowly pour the dough into the tin)

(+ olive-oil, herbs and saltflakes)

Mix yeast and water. Add salt, honey, olive-oil and flour and let the dough rise for 30 min. Then pour it into a baking tin and spread it out even, the less you touch it the better it gets. Let it rise for another 20 min and then make small holes all over with your finger and pour olive oil over. Spread herbs and saltflakes over it and then bake in a warm oven (250 degrees Celcius) for about 15 min. Voila!

Use which ever herbs you have home or prefer, yesterday I took fresh rosemary and dried Herb’s de Provence. 

Before the heat of the oven. 

I can not believe it’s already the day before Lucia and that the third Sunday of Advent has passed, this December goes by way too fast. 



Igår gjorde jag linssoppa och foccacia till middag, foccacia-receptet finns ovan. Galet att det är Lucia i morgon, i år går december alldeles för snabbt!

Saffron Buns and Glögg Evening

28 Nov

Yesterday afternoon I baked saffron buns, or lussekatter as they are called in Swedish. A traditional cake made for Advent and Christmas in Sweden. And in the evening we had a small First Advent-gathering with glögg, saffron buns and gingerbreads, really delicious. 

You need this:

50 g yeast

150 g melted butter

5 dl milk

250 g kvarg (simliar to cottage cheese but less granular and more sour)

1 teaspoon salt

2 dl sugar

1,5 g saffron

1 egg (+1 egg to brush the buns before baking)

16 dl flour


Mix butter, milk and saffron and heat until it’s lukewarm. Pour the buttermilk over the yeast in a bowl and add kvarg, salt and sugar. Then add almost all flour and work the dough until it’s shiny and has a nice feel to it. Let it rise until doubled (approx. 1 hour) and then work the dough on a table before you divide it to small pieces. The recipe above gives 50 of the ordinary S-kind. When the dough is formed and ready, let it rise again and then add raisin and brush the buns with a slightly beaten egg. Bake at 250 degrees Celsius for 10-15 min.

The traditional ones on the right and I also did some special ones…

Classic S-shaped saffron buns.

These ones I filled with butter, almondpaste, raisins, sugar and chopped almonds. 

Just fresh out of the oven. 

A table set for glögg and First Advent-celebration. The first candle is lit. 

Glögg! With special-shaped gingerbreads as decoration. 

Now I’m off to Stockholm to be a full-time aunt (to my sister’s darling daughter) for the week, I don’t really know when I’ll be able to write again – but hopefully soon.



Igår eftermiddag bakade jag lussekatter, några vanliga och några lite mer speciella. På kvällen firade vi in första advent medan stormen Berit ven utanför fönstret. 

Stars for Advent

26 Nov

In my living room there is more of a star-theme now as Advent comes closer (tomorrow!). I’m going to try to take a photo outside one of these days so you’ll see how beautiful it looks with all the stars and candlesticks in every window all over town.

One of my windows covered in a star-curtain. 

I like the combination of white lace with these small lights.

In the other window there’s a star in brass, just the same as my grandmother has for Advent every christmas. 

My living room right now, if you are observant you can see me in the mirror and Solveig in the armchair. 



I mitt vardagsrum är det mer ett stjärn-tema nu när advent närmar sig (i morgon!). Jag älskar verkligen att gå utomhus om kvällarna nu när man ser alla ljus i varje fönster. 

Sushi Night

26 Nov

Yesterday we took a break in all Advent-preparation and made sushi for dinner. Being a vegetarian they were filled with tasty vegetables like avocado, chinese chive, carrots, cucumber, green onion and red pepper. Sushi is one of my favorites and I can eat jars of pickled ginger, gari.

I’ll be back later with more Advent-lights, now I’m off to a friend – we’re gonna make a gingerbread-house.



Igår hade vi sushi-kväll. Eftersom jag är vegetarian fylldes rullarna med allsköns goda grönsaker. Sushi är en av mina favorit-rätter och jag kan äta inlagd ingefära tills jag spricker. Jag återkommer med mer advent-ljus under dagen, nu ska jag till en vän och göra pepparkakshus. 

Advent Lights

25 Nov

Due to Advent first on Sunday I’ve started decorating my home with lights. I love when grey November comes to an end and you see all of the stars and candlesticks in people’s windows. Makes cold, dark Scandinavia a warmer place.

My kitchen window, an electric candlestick decorated with a golden bow and accompanied with a newly planted white hyacinth. 



På söndag är det ju första advent och jag har börjat pynta. Älskar när alla stjärnor och ljusstakar kommer upp i människors fönster, gör att det känns lite varmare här uppe i norr.