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8 Feb

We are both very busy with projects, studies and work right now so we need to take a break from blogging for a while. Hopefully the time and energy comes back to us soon. Meanwhile, thank you all for this time!

A picture taken on New Years Eve over 4 years ago in Quito, Ecuador. From the left; Ida, Brita and Elsa.

Take care! /britandelsa

New Year – New Look

22 Jan

Welcome to a new appearance on the blog!



16 Jan

Yesterday I did a huge closet-cleansing (well needed), today I’m hoping for more fun activities…



Igår var stora rensa-ut-garderoben-dagen, idag hoppas jag på roligare aktiviteter. 

Sunny Saturday in Pictures

14 Jan

My friend Sofia slept here tonight and I made us scones for breakfast.

I love weekend-breakfasts when you always have time for that extra cup of coffee. 

And the tulips I bought the other day are now in their very best stage I think.

After breakfast I decided to go out into the sunshine. 

And I met up with Ida for a walk.

We ended up at a playground before we reached our final destination.

Which were the allotment-plot that we share with four other friends. There we ate lovely mango-cake (that Ida had made of course). Today I’m wearing a knitted vintage dress and my favorite wool coat.  

Ida had a cute bow in her hair.

Then we climbed a hill and walked home.

Now I’m gonna get ready for tonight. I’m going to a dinner first and then to a exhibition-opening at this place.



Min lördag såhär långt i bilder.

11 Jan

I spend a great deal of my time watch my friends children. I love kids, I am really just a 4 year old trapped in an adult body. I operate on many of the same wavelengths as young kids….I think that is why babysitting is so easy for me 🙂

playing outside


building secret forts

just hanging out with a swiffer

I hope to be more playful this year…more relaxed….more laid back. Kids are our best teachers!


Rainy days

10 Jan

It’s been a mild winter so far here, just lots of rain and grey skies.


4 Jan

I continue exploring my pen and touch. Got so happy by talking to Brita earlier tonight that I did this one inspired by our “about-photo”, taken when I was visiting Brita in September/October last year  (oh my, it’s 2012!) to celebrate her wedding. Love you darling-Brita!