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DIY Shoe makeover

24 Jan

I’ve been very inspired lately, baking, painting, sewing…I just can’t seem to keep my fingers still. Today an idea just popped into my head and I had to do it immediately. In fact I was so overcome by my muse, that I missed my yoga class and was almost late for a lunch appointment. Here is what I did.

2012 Shoe Makeover

1. Old pair of shoes

2. All purpose craft paint (I used Martha Stewarts– it comes in SO many colors)

3. Tape (I used painters tape but I’m guessing any old masking tape would work fine)

4. Paint brush or sponge

5. Scissors (depending on your design)

Once you have decided on a pattern (the possibilities are endless) and taped it into place, start painting. Make sure that all the edges of the tape are pressed down firmly to the surface of the shoe. My shoes needed two coats with some drying time in-between. Within about 2 hrs and had these funky, unique new shoes. Now I want to try it out with other colors and designs.

pattern in taped in place


taking the first peak at the finished product

i love them!

That’s all for now!



23 Jan

I’m in a period of embroidery right now, soon I’ll show you more of this project:



Jag är inne i en broderi-period, snart visar jag mer av det projektet. 

DIY for 2012

3 Jan

I’m starting my 2012 with some fun projects around the house which I hope to share with you all as I get to them. This first project is one that I have wanted to try for a while…a simple sweater skirt. I’m not sure what the trends are in Sweden at the moment, but this winter sweater-skirts have been all the rage. The one pictured below is from a very popular store Anthropologie and costs $98!

I thought I’d try making my own version and the results were great- few materials + easy assembly = great winter skirt! Here’s my process:

Bought a $3.50 sweater at the thrift store.

Used my favorite skirt as the pattern and traced directly onto the sweater with a red marker.

Sewed up the sides.

Added 3/4 inch elastic to the top.

And vio-la– new skit!

I’m so pleased with the results that I bought a few more sweaters at the thrift store to make more.

To crafting more in 2012,



Jag börjar 2012 med lite olika projekt hemma som jag ska försöka dela med er här. Först ut är ett projekt som jag velat testa länge – en “tröj-kjol”! Jag är mycket nöjd med resultatet och har redan köpt ett gäng tröjor till på loppis som jag ska göra om till fler kjolar. 

Birthday Cake with Cloudberries

29 Dec

I’ve left the farm and I’m back in Malmö again, in time for New Year-celebrations. Regarding the cake I made for my mother yesterday… I did a Sacher cake but changed the apricot filling to cloudberries instead.

I love baking and cooking in my parent’s home, there is soo much more space compared to my kitchen.

And there are lovely things, like a fireplace stove.

As for making the cake, you need this:

125 g butter

1,5 dl sugar

250 g melted dark chocolate

120 g almond (mixed to a powder)

0,5 dl flour

4 eggs


1 dl apricot jam (I used cloudberries instead)

150 g dark chocolate

15 g butter

Mix butter, sugar, melted chocolate, almond-powder, flour and the egg yolks. Whip the egg whites and then blend the foam with the batter. Pour it in a form an bake it for about 30 min in 175 degrees C. Let it cool down and then cover the cake in jam. Let it stiffen in the fridge for at least 1 hour. Melt the other chocolate with a spoon of butter and cover the cake with it. Let it stand for a couple of hours before serving. Voíla!

Before the oven.

Cloudberry-jam, there is no need to be this ambitious and make it yourself but I think it’s fun.

Cake covered in jam.

Here’s a picture taken just before the birthday-dinner started. 

And the finished cake.



Receptet på födelsedagstårtan jag gjorde till min mamma igår, Sachertårta med hjortonsylt. 

Wooded House Gift

28 Dec

I’ve made houses in wood for my youngest niece and nephew. I haven’t met them yet this holiday so if their parents read this – please don’t tell. I got the inspiration from My and Gustaf, who shared table with my friend Ida on this occasion. They had made loads of similar houses to sell as decoration and toys. I really loved the idea and decided to make something alike myself.

Luckily enough I have a person close to me that has a wood workshop that I can use. 

Before paint.

I painted the roofs in bright colors (and black and gold). 

It was hard to stop when I had started, I really like that you can build your own little towns and the houses were fun to make.

Finished! I found the suitable boxes on Lagerhaus.

Ready to give away, I hope they will like them. 

Now I’m gonna bake a cake for my mother, who celebrates her birthday today.



Jag har gjort små hus i trä till mina yngsta syskonbarn. En riktigt god idé stulen av My och Gustaf som var rolig att göra. 

Saffron Caramels

22 Dec

Yesterday I made Saffron Caramels, the recipe I found at Underbara Claras blog.

You need this:

 2 dl cream

2 dl light syrup

0,5 g saffron

2 dl sugar

0,5 teaspoon salt

 1 dl coconut-flakes

Mix cream, syrup, saffron (grinded with some sugar), sugar and salt in a pan and let it boil for about 30 minutes. While you’re boiling the caramel, roast the coconut-flakes in a dry frying pan. When the caramel has a good consistency you blend in the coconut and pour up the mixture in small forms and let it cool down and harden. I’ve never done this caramel before but it was really good – try it!

The ingredients. 
The process. The whole kitchen smelled lovely from the saffron and coconut.
Ready for transport home to my parent’s farm, where I’m gonna celebrate Christmas. The food-container with several “floors” I’ve bought in India. 
Now I’m gonna go downtown and fix the last things before I leave the city for a week (I take the train tomorrow morning), Solveig is asleep in her chair as usual. Talk to you later!
Igår gjorde jag saffranskola, väldigt gott! Nu ska jag gå ner på stan och fixa det sista innan jag lämnar Malmö för en vecka, åker till mina föräldrars gård i morgon bitti för att fira jul.

Gift Wrapping

20 Dec

Christmas comes closer and closer. After a nice dinner at Ida’s I’m dedicating my evening to gift-wrapping – nothing makes it feel more like Christmas than decorating presents, eating candy and listen to Carol singing.



Julen kommer närmare och närmare. Efter en trevlig middag hos Ida ägnar jag aftonen år julklappsinslagning – inget ger mig så mycket julkänslor som att slå in paket, äta knäck och lyssna på julmusik.