A warm day in August 2006, Brita and Elsa met for the first time. The setting was Capellagården, a crafts-school on the island Öland in Sweden. Brita studied woodworking while Elsa learned organic gardening. The two women lived in the same house and quickly became close friends, bonding over cups of tea, bike rides and baking projects. When the studies ended, Brita returned home to the States but the two of them continued to stay in contact. Since their first meeting they have met up in many different places around the world. A common denominator is an interest in design, craft and cooking. In this blog you can follow their lives in Asheville, North Carolina and Malmö, Sweden. Here you also find tips, interior design, DIY-projects, gardening, recipes and loads of link-love to many of the creative souls that surround them.


Brita lives in Asheville, North Carolina and works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. She loves good coffee, sharp scissors, soft sweaters and cooking dinner with her husband. 


Elsa lives in Malmö, Sweden and she is  studying to become a Garden Engineer majoring in design. She has her own company called Elsas Trädgårdar  (Elsa’s Gardens) where she also does illustration-works. Elsa bicycles everywhere and loves the smell of cinnamon. 

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