My Christmas Eve

25 Dec

Yesterday in pictures:

After breakfast I went for a long walk in the forest with my mother and one of my brothers. Unfortunately no white Christmas here this year but still beautiful. 

The cows were pleased with their Christmas-dinner. 

And we set the table inside. 

We ate loads of food (of course, it’s Christmas!). This is some of the cold part of the buffet, filled with traditional dishes and some more unusual vegetarian ones for me. 

We also ate loads of candy (here saffron caramel and chocolate truffles) during the day.

Gifts were opened.

And I was Santa with a lantern and a stick in a house in the neighboring village. 

While Solveig mostly slept in the library.

I love all the fireplaces in my parent’s home, it’s a house perfect for holiday-celebrating. 

We ended the day with playing games, beer and night food. I had sandwiches with my mother’s vegetarian meatballs (made of, amongst other ingredients, almond and cheese) and chanterelles – perfect!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas!



Min julafton i bilder. Jag hoppas ni alla har haft en fantastisk jul och god fortsättning!


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