Oranges with Cloves

14 Dec

One of my favorite Christmas decorations is to make oranges with cloves. Both since they smell so lovely and because I think they are beautiful and fun to make. Simply choose good-looking oranges, wrap them with a ribbon (if you want the hanging, they look really good just lying in a bowl too) and decorate them with cloves. It’s easier to get the cloves in if you first make holes with a big needle. And the let you creativity fire away!

I made one that I situated close to some of my clothes in the bedroom, hoping that my dresses will smell as good as the oranges.

I also placed one above the kitchen sink, nice to smell when doing the washing-up. 

And I’ve finally come around to decorate some gingerbreads. “God Jul” is Swedish for Merry Christmas.  

And Brita, these are for you and J. I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon! Say Hi to the sun from me. 



Idag har jag gjort mitt favorit-julpynt: nejlikeapelsiner! Och äntligen dekorerat lite pepparkakor.

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