Snow, candles and crafts

8 Dec

We have this beautiful candle abra from Design House of Stockholm that we are using for Advent. It was a wedding gift and one of our favorites, but arrived with no name so we do not know who to thank (if you know- let me know!).

We also had our first snow of the year last night!

The Big Crafty last weekend was a huge success. Over 90 craft and food vendors came together to create a pretty fantastic event. It’s always fun to be surround by other creative, enthusiastic and crafty people- very inspiring.

My booth set up- photo credit Anna of

orders shipping out!

I have a few new works that I added to my etsy site. If anyone is interested I have set up free shipping for our blog readers, “BRITANDELSA” coupon code will get you free shipping-even international orders. There are some original paper cuttings as well as holiday cards and thank you cards.

Happy eighth day of Advent!



One Response to “Snow, candles and crafts”

  1. Sarah Rose December 12, 2011 at 17:50 #

    Your booth looks amazing!

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