Bedroom Peek

6 Dec

I’m taking a break in all the Christmas-updates and continue with the presentation of my home instead, you can see my kitchen here and today we’re going to take a peek into my bedroom.

Tadaa , this is how it looks! I’ve drawn the “bed” myself a couple of months ago. I saw a bed-illustration similar to this one about a year ago in a blog that I’ve unfortunately forgotten the address to and really liked the idea. My apartment lacks space for good storage, which has been partly solved by placing the bed on top of cabinets.

When I made the wall-illustration I started with sketching the lines with the help of a ruler, tape measure and a pencil. I wanted the bed to look as an old, classic brass bed.

When the outlines were finished I filled them in with a permanent black marker. 

When I used the permanent marker I skipped the ruler and just followed the pencil-outlines to get a more vivid feel to it.

And this is how the bed looked this morning. 



Jag tar en liten paus i allt jul-uppdaterande och fortsätter presentationen av mitt hem (köket hittar du här). Idag tar vi en liten titt på mitt sovrum. Säng-illustrationen ritade jag för ett par månader sen med hjälp av spritpenna, jag såg en illustration liknande denna i en blogg för ungefär ett år sedan – tyvärr har jag glömt vilken men jag kunde aldrig riktigt släppa idén. 

2 Responses to “Bedroom Peek”

  1. Marie December 7, 2011 at 12:45 #

    so clever and beautiful! cozy too!

    • Elsa December 10, 2011 at 13:40 #

      Thank you!

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