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Happy New Year!

31 Dec

Happy New Year/Gott Nytt År to all! I’m off into the night, talk to you next year! /Elsa

Reflections of 2011

31 Dec

I’m thinking about all that has happen this year, both the good and the bad, and what 2012 will bring. It has been a year of many changes.

Today I’m wearing one of my Christmas gifts for the first time,  a pair of lovely vintage shoes.

And I’m preparing for tonight’s festivities, here are the chocolate decorations for the dessert that Ida and I did yesterday night. We are the ones responsible for the sweets. 


New years 2012

31 Dec

What are your plans tonight?

So much as happened in my life in 2011…I can’t believe we are already on the doorstep of 2012! I hope everyone has a fun and safe celebration this evening.

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Looking forward to great things in 2012!


Birthday Cake with Cloudberries

29 Dec

I’ve left the farm and I’m back in Malmö again, in time for New Year-celebrations. Regarding the cake I made for my mother yesterday… I did a Sacher cake but changed the apricot filling to cloudberries instead.

I love baking and cooking in my parent’s home, there is soo much more space compared to my kitchen.

And there are lovely things, like a fireplace stove.

As for making the cake, you need this:

125 g butter

1,5 dl sugar

250 g melted dark chocolate

120 g almond (mixed to a powder)

0,5 dl flour

4 eggs


1 dl apricot jam (I used cloudberries instead)

150 g dark chocolate

15 g butter

Mix butter, sugar, melted chocolate, almond-powder, flour and the egg yolks. Whip the egg whites and then blend the foam with the batter. Pour it in a form an bake it for about 30 min in 175 degrees C. Let it cool down and then cover the cake in jam. Let it stiffen in the fridge for at least 1 hour. Melt the other chocolate with a spoon of butter and cover the cake with it. Let it stand for a couple of hours before serving. Voíla!

Before the oven.

Cloudberry-jam, there is no need to be this ambitious and make it yourself but I think it’s fun.

Cake covered in jam.

Here’s a picture taken just before the birthday-dinner started. 

And the finished cake.



Receptet på födelsedagstårtan jag gjorde till min mamma igår, Sachertårta med hjortonsylt. 

Wooded House Gift

28 Dec

I’ve made houses in wood for my youngest niece and nephew. I haven’t met them yet this holiday so if their parents read this – please don’t tell. I got the inspiration from My and Gustaf, who shared table with my friend Ida on this occasion. They had made loads of similar houses to sell as decoration and toys. I really loved the idea and decided to make something alike myself.

Luckily enough I have a person close to me that has a wood workshop that I can use. 

Before paint.

I painted the roofs in bright colors (and black and gold). 

It was hard to stop when I had started, I really like that you can build your own little towns and the houses were fun to make.

Finished! I found the suitable boxes on Lagerhaus.

Ready to give away, I hope they will like them. 

Now I’m gonna bake a cake for my mother, who celebrates her birthday today.



Jag har gjort små hus i trä till mina yngsta syskonbarn. En riktigt god idé stulen av My och Gustaf som var rolig att göra. 

on the second day of Christmas…

26 Dec

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Here are a few photos from my Christmas Eve.

a gift from my mom- she made it!

Christmas Eve was also the 5th night of Chanukah…it was lovely to be able to celebrate both holidays in one evening.

Wishing everyone warmth,


My Christmas Eve

25 Dec

Yesterday in pictures:

After breakfast I went for a long walk in the forest with my mother and one of my brothers. Unfortunately no white Christmas here this year but still beautiful. 

The cows were pleased with their Christmas-dinner. 

And we set the table inside. 

We ate loads of food (of course, it’s Christmas!). This is some of the cold part of the buffet, filled with traditional dishes and some more unusual vegetarian ones for me. 

We also ate loads of candy (here saffron caramel and chocolate truffles) during the day.

Gifts were opened.

And I was Santa with a lantern and a stick in a house in the neighboring village. 

While Solveig mostly slept in the library.

I love all the fireplaces in my parent’s home, it’s a house perfect for holiday-celebrating. 

We ended the day with playing games, beer and night food. I had sandwiches with my mother’s vegetarian meatballs (made of, amongst other ingredients, almond and cheese) and chanterelles – perfect!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas!



Min julafton i bilder. Jag hoppas ni alla har haft en fantastisk jul och god fortsättning!