Advent Decoration

23 Nov

In Sweden we celebrate advent, the four Sundays leading up to christmas and the first of advent this year is this week. Being a christmas-lover this makes me very excited and today I couldn’t help myself from starting to decorate and make things to get in the right mood. There will be quite a lot of DIY’s and tips in the blog from now on regarding the holidays. Let’s start with some christmas flowers:

I bought some white hyacinths (Hyacinthus orientalis) at the market and placed three of them in a big cylinder glass-vase. 

Then I removed the plastic pots and filled up with soil (a drainage layer would have been good though, maybe some small stones in the bottom of the vase).

Thereafter I decorated the soil with moss and red buttons and placed the vase in my living-room, can’t wait for the hyacinths to blossom, love their scent!

I searched my cabinets for some decoration and found these cute buttons, I think they look good resting amongst the flowers in the moss. And I really like christmas decorations that aren’t as obvious as Santa. 

I gave Solveig a winter-look as well with a knitted scarf… She didn’t really like it though (surprise!) so it didn’t stay on for long. 

Brita, I hope your flight went well and that all is good in Boston.



På söndag är det första advent och idag kunde jag inte hålla mig längre utan började dekorera och fixa för att komma i rätt stämning inför julen. Köpte hyacinter på torget och gjorde ett arrangemang i en glasvas med mossa och röda knappar. Solveig fick en halsduk men den var inte så populär överraskande nog…


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