Sickness and Politics

16 Nov

I’ve got tonsillitis so the days right now are filled with rosehipsoup, honeywater and cuddling with Solveig while watching movies in bed.

This Monday however, before I got sick, I was at an interesting thing at Moriskan. It was a causerie/conversation with the three women Gudrun Schyman, Mona Sahlin and Maria Wetterstand, all former party-leaders and the subject was power and gender and how the political power structure looks in today’s Sweden.  Three fascinating women to hear accompanied by friends and a glass of wine.



Jag ligger hemma med halsfluss så mina dagar består av nyponsoppa, honungsvatten, kela med Solveig och titta på film i sängen. I måndags, innan jag blev sjuk, var jag på ett intressant samtal på Moriskan. Det var Gudrun Schyman, Mona Sahlin och Maria Wetterstrand som samtalade om makt och kön och hur maktens strukturer ser ut. Tre fascinerande kvinnor att lyssna till. 


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